I Heart Foldables

These are foldables I have used in my class that is called CCR (College Career Readiness). We started out our journal just like my pre algebra classes, but we do many different types of foldables, and journal enteries!

 Greatest common factor is tough for students! The original journal page I found the teacher had drawn out the venn diagram by hand, so my original journal page I drew by hand! Then I found that some wonderful person had created it on word or whatever! Click here to get the factors venn diagram!

 I found this on Pinterest one day and students can't remember the difference between prime and composite! I put a bunch of 100 charts on a page and cut them apart for my students. Then I just got a piece of colored paper and cut them into 3's to make the cover! Click here to get the 100's charts!
 I absolutely love this one! Even in 7th grade students have trouble with multiples! I used the die cut machine to cut out the capital M's and just a small post it to write the vocabulary word on it!

I found this place value chart some where online. I printed two on a page so I could just cut them in half and save on paper! Click here to get a copy of the place value chart!

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  1. Thank you for sharing. This is going to help me teach my 7th grader this year, as we homeschool. :)