Problem of the Week

We started using problem of the weeks late last year in our Pre Algebra classes! They went over so well that all the 7th grade department this year is doing them! We email eachother on Friday's a reminder to pick your winner and we submit our student name to one person who emails our office the names of our winners to be announced on Monday announcements! They LOVE LOVE LOVE it! They win a soft drink or whatever prize they choose from that teacher! Some of the students have us for other classes so they can submit to more than one teacher!

I will post the ones we have already use this year! Enjoy, they really love it! Click on the links for each one to open up the problem in google drive!
  • Ship Wrecked Open
  • Fun with the Number 9 Open
  • Do I look like a Bank? Open
  • How many rectangles do you see? Open
  • Bills for a Bike Open
  • Jim's Goldfish Open

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